Welcome to Brodes Media! I’m Hunter Brody, I go by Brodes, and I scream, yell, cry, and show my passion as a die-hard Philadelphia sports fan. I would love to share my story on how I got here.

The short of it: South Jersey born and raised. 18-year hockey career: 1,482 penalty minutes, 3 goals (only 2 were empty netters). Sports talk radio junky that turned that passion into a career.

The long of it: I grew up fulfilling my first passion, playing ice hockey for 18 years of my life. For 3 of those years, I played Junior A in Boston and Vermont before playing D-III NCAA at Stevenson University, which was always my dream. As fate would have it, ironically, as soon as I started fulfilling that dream, I sensed my other passion of sports talk radio becoming a bit louder (like I show after a Sixers loss).

While I was grinding in Juniors, I would continue to always listen to my favorite radio stations, but slowly, I was no longer listening as just a fan. I realized I was studying hosts; their deliveries, tones, and unique dialogues with callers. Next thing I know I legitimately started making lists of pros and cons of hosts in the business that I used to study to motivate me. It never became clearer than at that time in my life that I KNEW I wanted to be a sports talk radio host and I was going to make sure I made this dream a reality. After all, my first dream of playing college hockey, I made happen despite the lack of offensive production.

At the end of my sophomore season, I went into the locker room and into my coach’s office and made the hardest decision of my life, I hung up the skates.

I remember my coach encouraging me to chase the feeling I had which meant the world to me. It’s not like I had a radio gig to go do, but I knew that I’d have to start grinding to accomplish this. I transferred to Rowan University where I enrolled in the Sports Communications & Media program and started the first step of what would be a wild journey and eventually become what is Brodes Media.

I knew I needed to take advantage of the platforms available for content creators online. I started my own Youtube channel: “Sports Talk with Brodes”. Every day following Flyers, Sixers, Phillies, and Eagles games I would loudly share my thoughts to what started out as 1 subscriber, then 2 subscribers, and then what became my internet family of 17k+ subscribers. I still sometimes can’t believe that.

Along the way, I received an opportunity to intern at 97.3 ESPN, an FM sports channel in Atlantic City, and worked my way into a producer role. I eventually earned the opportunity to be the co-host of the afternoon drive time show. The next stop of my journey brought me to 97.5 The Fanatic, where you can catch me on the weekends right now.

To bring it back to this website, I couldn’t be more excited to expand Sports Talk with Brodes to now Brodes Media. If it wasn’t for you reading this right now, this wouldn’t be possible. I’m super excited to continue this ride with you every day! Sports Talk with Brodes isn’t going anywhere, I promise. But we’ve got some awesome things planned for you the viewers, and that’s why we’re expanding this brand that is now Brodes Media. THANK YOU!

– Brodes

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