Clayton Kershaw YANKED During Perfect Game

If you live under a rock, Clayton Kershaw had a perfect game going on Wednesday afternoon through 7 innings and was pulled.

His pitch count reached 80 and the decision was made.

My thoughts?

I don’t care. Stop bitching.

99% of the people screaming in disgust didn’t even watch one pitch and MAYBE would have tuned into the final half inning.

”You are robbing me of an incredible sports moment that’s extremely rare! No wonder why baseball is dying sport,” said by the individual who would have watched the final pitch on a twitter clip.

Sports change. We live in a baseball world where the long term health of Kershaw, with an injury history looking to win another World Series, is valued more than a perfect game.

Boo hoo

Who am I to complain that Kershaw wants to focus on being available for his team deep into October for a historic postseason moment over a historic regular season moment?

That doesn’t mean Kershaw will never get hurt now, but it lowers the percentage for a guy that has battled issues in the past.

If the Dodgers AND Kershaw believe it’s the best way to go about it, then so be it.

The Dodgers won 7-0.